Wind-Generating Artificial Island

 Denmark plans to construct an artificial island in the North Sea as a green energy hub.

wind-generating artificial island

Denmark has reached a historic agreement on the development of a North Sea energy center.

The green hub will be an artificially built island 80 kilometers from the coast of the Jutland Peninsula.

The purpose of the green hub will be to improve the convergence of European power grids and increase the production of renewable energy required for a climate-neutral Europe.

When finished, the environment-friendly power hub is projected to have 10GW which can cover 10 million European households' consumption.

The energy center will act as an offshore power plant that will collect energy from hundreds of wind turbines across the island and deliver renewable electricity directly to customers in north-sea countries.

The total area of the island is estimated to be at least 120,000 m2. The project would cost about $34 billion and is expected to be operational by the year 2033.

The island would house a "green fuel" plant and send it to Denmark. The Danish proposal to use surplus wind power to operate an electrolyzer to remove Hydrogen from marine water without CO2 emissions is expected to increase.

The wind-generating artificial island will help Denmark to renew its energy sector. Denmark is planning to stop extracting fossil fuels entirely by 2050, and it has already stopped giving tenders to businesses for potential discoveries.

The project will be a public-private association between the Danish government and private companies.

The majority of the artificial island will be owned by the state, but private firms will be playing a vital role in fulfilling the opportunity in terms of growth, cost-effectiveness, and business opportunities. (via)

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