World's First Smart Projector with Alexa Built-In


Smart Projector with Alexa built-in

WooBloo Smash is the world's first smart Alexa compliant projector, so you can use the voice assistant to power the gadget and experience the power of smart home connectivity. Moreover, Bluetooth networking eliminates cord requirements. This is the perfect portable projector to enjoy your favorite movies in your bedroom, living room, and practically anywhere. 

SMASH is ideal for bright colors and vibrant contrasts since it is supported by DLP technology and has a 4" LED display. A 360-degree surround sound and passive radiators accompany the display to provide a rich sound. SMASH also has an extensive 30-hour battery life to listen to music and three hours to watch videos. 

When WooBloo Smash is connected to a mobile, the secondary display plays a song with song details. When there is no mobile attached to it, it reveals a standard wallpaper with the date and time. (Via)

Smart portable projector with Alexa built-in

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