World's First 3D Printed Salmon is Unveiled in Austria

 RevoFoods 3D printed vegan salmon is the future of seafood.

3D printed salmon

Revo Foods' 3D printed salmon is the first of its kind in the world and promotes the development of the plant-based seafood market. The Austrian food startup unveiled its vegan "Salmon With Attitude" in a wine tasting event in Vienna on March 6. Through the 3D printing process, the company was able to reproduce the texture, appearance, and taste of traditional salmon.

There are two varieties of Revo Foods 3D printed salmon: smoked filet and cream sauce, and it is rich in protein, omega 3, dietary fiber, and vitamin B12. The plant-based seafood uses only 11 ingredients, including pea protein, algae extract, vegetable oil, and citrus fiber.

In response to sustainability and welfare challenges in the salmon industry, Revo Foods produced pure vegan salmon. Using of pesticides is a big concern in the industry that can cause harm to the environment. 

Revo Foods plans to launch its 3D printed salmon products starting in summer or autumn and to promote them throughout Europe in 2022.

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