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Air Purifying Futuristic Concept Motorcycle

Aether concept electric bike cleans the air when you drive.

Aether air purifying bike

Aether is an avant-garde style concept motorcycle that can run on an electric drive system but has some surprising additional features. The E-motorcycle features two large air intakes at the front, which naturally take in the air when driving. The air entering these air inlets will pass through Aether's ceramic filter module, which helps trap PM 2.5 particles so that the filtered clean air can pass through exhausts at the other end. As a result, the role of electric motorcycles is not only to reduce the impact of carbon emissions but also to actually purify the surrounding air, resulting in cleaner and less polluted air.

Ceramic purifier modules also require regular maintenance or replacement, so the Aether concept motorcycle has a system that can be replaced frequently, or they can be ejected and washed away to make them look like new.

Aether is designed by Lin Yu Cheng and features a stunning design with an eco-friendly element. (via)

Aether air purifying bike

Aether air purifying bike

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