July 26, 2021

Recycled Couch made from Disposable Masks

 The Couch-19 is made from widely used face masks.

Couch-19 furniture

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the use of masks has been increased. In many countries, the government has mandated the use of masks as a strategy to fight the virus, but there is no clear way to deal with widely used masks. This means that it will only increase the impact of pollution on the environment. 

Italian designer Tobia Zambotti proposed a unique idea of ​​recyclingdisposable masks. The designer created Couch-19 using more than 10,000 disposable masks. The masks were collected from the streets of Pergine Valsugana, the hometown of Zambotti. All masks have been disinfected with ozone before they were used as fillings for the recyclable crystal PVC modular cushions. 

The irregular shape of Couch-19, full of light blue disposable masks, is reminiscent of the beauty of an iceberg, which is one of the most iconic signs of global warming. (Via)

Couch-19 furniture

Couch-19 furniture

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