July 26, 2021

Blockchain Technology-Inspired Fragrance

 The first digital fragrance in the world has been unveiled in the form of a special NFT artwork.

Cyber Eau de Parfum

Look Labs, a beauty design company headquartered in Germany leads the next development of perfume through the powerful functions of blockchain technology.  The digital perfume, Cyber​​Eau de Parfum, is especially for technology-savvy consumers.

Created by Canadian artist Sean Caruso, the scent has been coded into ten NFT limited edition artworks, also known as “non-fungible token“, which is a cryptocurrency that represents unique digital goods, such as artwork, audio, or video.

Inspired by science fiction movies, technology, artificial intelligence, and the role of advanced science and innovation in consumers’ daily lives, the unisex fragrance has an uplifting texture and agarwood fragrance, which can be the foundation of amber and Zen wood essences.

Due to the use of embedded printed electronics, it is also the first perfume with an illuminated label. According to Look Labs, each bottle has a power button, which will light up in red when the user presses it. It also contains the universal earth and recycling signs to keep you aware of environmental issues.

Starting from April 11th, limited-edition digital perfumes can be purchased online at  looklabs.com/cyber, and interested customers can also register for the drop list. (Via)

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