Origami-Inspired Disposable Paper Razor Unveiled in Japan

 Paper Razor has an all-paper body with a metal blade head on the top.

Paper Razor disposable razor

The Kai Group, headquartered in Japan, uses relatively water-resistant paper to make Paper Razor, making it the world's first disposable paper-made razor. The disposable razor is designed as a flat package, can be fully unfolded, and can be easily assembled together in a few seconds.

The handle can withstand water temperatures up to 104°F (40°C), allowing you to shave with warm water. The top of the metal head even has a slotted channel to easily remove the shaved hair from the blade. Paper razors are ideal for travelers because they provide a more ecologically conscious alternative than those disposable all-plastic razors. Paper Razor weighs only 4 grams, is flat-packed, and does not exceed 5 mm in thickness. There are 5 different colors to choose from: sea blue, plant red, emerald green, bright yellow, and beige sand. (Via)

Paper Razor disposable razor

Paper Razor disposable razor

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