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Door to Door Cocktail Service by Cointreau

 Bartenders will deliver freshly shaken Cointreau cocktails at the doorsteps.

doorstep cocktail service

Cointreau will celebrate the National Margarita Festival on February 22 with a cocktail service delivered by bartenders. Bartenders will work with the high-end takeaway service Supper London to make it to the home of winners on Cointreau brand bikes. The award can be won in London's Districts 1 and 2 and includes a free meal for two and a freshly shaken Cointreau Margarita.

In addition to the competition, anyone who orders a meal through the Supper London app on February 22 will receive a free cocktail pouch containing the Cointreau Passion Fruit Margarita developed by World of Zing.

Margarita suits and cocktails can be conveniently ordered in stores across the country, including Discount Suit Company, Mr. Foggs, and Coupette. (Via)

About Margarita Festival: In fact, this is a cocktail festival that attracts specially curated bars and restaurants, as well as their top mixologists vying for the prestigious Margarita title. Guests can choose one of three free-flowing margaritas, and each of them will receive a token on arrival to vote for their favorite cocktail. In the final 15 minutes of the final, the winner will be selected.

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