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Smart Knee Support Solution

 E-Knee is smart knee support tailored for everyone.

Smart knee support

During exercise, most of our knee protectors slide down easily or are too tight for the legs. E-Knee is designed to provide maximum support and comfort without a manual effort.

Once the gyroscope detects your motion status, the built-in ARM chip will command the micro compressor to pressurize the airbag in real-time according to different levels of pressure and motion status. In this way, E-Knee with smart functions can provide seamless knee support at any time.

E-Knee features automatic adjustment that includes three exercise modes: resting while sitting, low-intensity exercises such as jogging, and high-intensity exercises such as playing basketball. Once the gyroscope detects the movement mode change within 3 seconds, E-Knee will inflate or deflate the airbag accordingly for immediate adjustment. The electronic knee can be perfectly customized according to your own size.

E-Knee's breakthrough automatic tightening system will automatically adjust your knee size. E-Knee detects different air pressure levels based on the initial tightness and saves the data for future adjustments. When the gyroscope detects any measurement changes in the legs, the airbag will automatically pressurize to form the most suitable tightness.

If the battery runs out while wearing it, your knee pads will still be tightened. No matter what activities you are engaged in, E-Knee will not fall off. (Via)

Smart knee support

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