October 18, 2021

Korean Folding Fan Inspired Mosquito Net

 Fold electric mosquito net is easy to store and carry.

foldable electric mosquito net

Fold is a foldable electronic mosquito net taking inspiration from the traditional paper folding fans used in Korea and China. This is a manual mosquito net that can conveniently protect you and yourself through the folding system making it easy to carry. This is a good device when you live in a tropical climate area, which is usually a habitat for mosquitoes.

Due to the strong smell and harmful powders, the use of common mosquito repellents is restricted, but the existing electric mosquito nets are too large to carry. Fold is designed by SangKun Park and twice the size of a smartphone. The electric mosquito net is much more compact than other ready-made products on the market. Users can easily store it in their backpacks or drawer. To use Fold, just open the two handles and fix them with magnets, and it will display the current and power button. When an object hits the net, a spark is generated, and the current flows at 0.5-second intervals. (Via)

foldable electric mosquito net

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