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Modern Food Storage System Can be Connected Through an App

 ZWILLING Fresh&Save keeps food fresh five times longer just with the press of a button.

Modern food storage system

People have been trying to figure out a way to preserve and store food but food preservation is still ONE THING in modern times.

ZWILLING specializes in providing high-quality kitchenware and the brand's Fresh&Save storage system is a convenient solution to keep leftovers and other foods fresh for five times longer than typical containers.

ZWILLING's Fresh&Save starter kit can be purchased in glass and plastic, which also includes a vacuum pump, reusable vacuum, bags, and a set of containers. To use Fresh & Save, users need to add the food to the container or reusable bag, seal it with a lid or zipper, and then use a handheld vacuum machine to remove excess air.

Although shoppers do not need to use the app to activate any components of the storage system, its easy-to-use interface allows users to calculate the shelf life of different items and set reminders before expiration.  Each reusable bag has a unique ID that can be distinguished by the app, so users don't have to mark it with a date.

Modern food storage system

Modern food storage system

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