Hydroponic Gardening system

 Grow hydroponic planting system uses water from home appliances.

Grow hydroponic planting system

Designer Gul Kuflik conceived the idea of ​​a planting system that uses water from a household facility to grow plants. The hydroponic system is called "Grow", which uses water from dishwashers, washing machines, and toilets to cultivate plants, herbs, etc. The hydroponic gardening system will provide indoor gardeners with a more convenient method of watering the greens. 

When flushing water, the freshwater flowing into the water tank is first pumped by the planting system for irrigation, and then returned to the flush. This completely shows that the  Grow basically does not use gray water, but uses freshwater to meet watering needs. How the planting system checks for excessive watering or other sporadic gardening remains to be revealed. However, Grow does give a new dimension to the concept of indoor gardening and bringing nature into the house. (Via)

Grow hydroponic planting system

Grow hydroponic planting system

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