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Lightweight Wearable Camping Pillows

 IKEA's  FÄLTMAL pillow/quilt can be used as a sleeping bag.

Mutifunctional sleeping bag

IKEA brings flat packaging culture to the outdoors, which will benefit commuters and backpackers. The furniture giant is launching a pillow that can double as a pajama or jacket when needed.

IKEA’s latest FÄLTMAL pillow/quilt is very lightweight and allows you to stay comfortable and rest during your daily commute. It looks like a plush cushion, but it can be unzipped, and if it’s a bit cold, you can use it as a coat.

This multifunctional pillow is a novel camping product that is expected to remain light when packing and unpacking for outdoor adventures.

IKEA said that wearable sleeping bag pillows are particularly suitable for "lying on a hammock or hugging on the sofa."

This unusual multifunctional sleeping bag is priced at $34.99 and is currently available in the United States. (Via)

Mutifunctional sleeping bag

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