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Inside-Out Hydroponic Planter

 With an inside-out hydroponic planter, you can grow plants in the living room.

Inside-Out Hydroponic Planter

Industrial designer and plant enthusiast Eran Zahri designed the Terraplanter. After having researched material, plants, and several concept projects for roughly three years, Eran came up with the idea of an inside-out hydroponic planter.

This eco-container is user-friendly with an Alexa vertical shape and is made from ceramic. Growing plants with the Terraplanter is very easy and simple. You pour water into the pot and then place the seeds of the plant on the outside of the pot. Without using soil, the seeds grow with the water inside.

The parametric design of the Terraplanter provides a certain shape and texture for the container so that the roots of the plant can grasp its surface. The container acts as a reservoir for plants. The stored water diffuses through the pores in the container and reaches the plant cells.

Plants are located on the outer surface of the Terraplanter and have continuous access to water and air, which allows them to grow on their outer surface like moss or vines on a stone wall.

The Terraplanter is made of 100% natural materials and can be reused. The owner can plant new varieties anytime and anywhere.

The inside-out hydroponic planter can solve the under-watering and over-watering plants. It can also be a fascinating addition to any interior space. (Via)

Inside-Out Hydroponic Planter

Inside-Out Hydroponic Planter

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