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Smart Clean Tray to Sanitize Smartphones

 The Keysmart CleanTray To-Go kills germs and bacteria in 30 seconds.

The Keysmart CleanTray To-Go

During the COVID-19 pandemic, regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces is very important. Throughout the day, most people may touch the phone multiple times. Therefore, disinfecting mobile phones can help slow down or prevent the spread of infections.

Quickly and effectively removing bacteria from daily necessities has become a top priority for many consumers today. Convenience-centric solutions such as KeySmart's "CleanTray To-Go" are becoming more and more popular.

The device uses a soft surface design and can be used with smartphones, wallets, keys, earphones, etc. It can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria within 30 seconds. This eliminates the need to carry cleaning solutions or disinfectants for outdoor sanitization.

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The device's USB rechargeable battery can perform up to 80 cleaning cycles per charge and, is also equipped with a magnetic zipper function to prevent accidental opening of the system.

The Keysmart CleanTray To-Go

The Keysmart CleanTray To-Go

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