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Puzzle Toy for Cats to Stimulate Foraging Instincts

 The Melon Madness Puzzle and Play Cat Game has six hidden compartments to keep your cat busy and active.

the Melon Madness Puzzle and Play Cat Game

Cat toys are not just fun games for your pets. Whether exquisite or simple, toys can make your cat exercise, mentally engage and stimulate hunting instincts. There are many cat toys on the market, and it may be difficult to choose toys that are safe and attractive to kittens.

"Melon Madness Puzzle and Play Cat Game" produced by Petstages and Nina Ottosson is an educational toy that can be adjusted to make it more challenging and provide physical and mental stimulation for pets. The cat educational toy has six hidden snack compartments to keep your pets busy, which will help stimulate their natural hunting and foraging instincts.

Each puzzle comes with a skill information sheet to help you make the most of the puzzle. Cat owners can change the standard bowl and feed the cats from the puzzle to help them hunt and forage naturally. The puzzle can hold up to 1/4 cup of food and is made of safe food materials.

According to PRNEWSWIRE, the Melon Madness Puzzle and Play Cat Game has been launched in more than 2,000 Walmart Stores across the US.

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