Upgraded Nintendo Switch Model with OLED Display

Samsung will produce OLED panels for Nintendo Switch Pro. 

Smasung OLED Switch Pro

                                                                (Photo: Pexels)

According to reports, Nintendo plans to release an upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch model later this year, which is equipped with Samsung's OLED display and supports 4K resolution when docked. This model will be launched this year, and Samsung will start mass production of the new 7-inch screen "as early as June." 

In handheld mode, the model will maintain a moderate resolution. It is said that Nintendo is working hard to maintain interest in the Switch and continue to compete with Xbox and PlayStation to sell software. Compared with the current Switch LCD monitors, OLED panels will use less battery, have greater contrast, and may have faster response times. OLED panels are cheaper than those commonly used in high-end smartphones but less versatile. The upgraded version will have 4K high-resolution graphics after pairing with the TV.

The online gaming community speculated that OLED or organic light-emitting diode screens would be introduced, but the company declined to comment and said in February that Nintendo had no plans to launch an upgraded version.

The gadget has entered its fifth year and Samsung's involvement will help maintain the growing popularity and sustain the ongoing pandemic. (via)

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