High-Quality Bicycle Parking Mini Pods

Ooneepod Mini provides high-quality bicycle parking space in cities like New York.

Ooneepod Mini for parking bicycles

In cities, it is not easy to find bicycle parking spaces. Ooneepod Mini is a high-tech bicycle parking space that can meet the needs of cyclists and it can provide up to ten high-quality parking spaces for bicycles.

Oonee operates and manages these Pods and provides memberships to the public for free. Each Mini Pod provides a customizable design that can be adjusted to match the surrounding buildings and site conditions, making it more visually attractive and improving the surrounding environment.

The high-quality bicycle parking mini pod has a simple and elegant framework to meet everyone's needs. It has smart access technology, and users can lock and unlock it with a key card or smartphone. The interior illumination of the pod makes it easy for cyclists to find their bikes even in the dark. Members can also use air pumps with both Presta and Schrader valves for free. (via)

Ooneepod Mini Pod for bicycles

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