Origami-Based Cat House Concept

 PaperLodge Origami is an Eco-friendly abode for your cat.

Origami-inspred cat bed

Cats like to sleep. Your cat needs to stay comfortable, and you can find the ideal bed for your furry friend.  It all depends on how much you plan carefully and how much money you can spend.

The problem is that it is difficult to find a suitable bed for your cat. If you browse the existing products on the market, you will encounter the same square plastic design again and again.

PaperLodge is an exquisite origami-style cat house made of sustainable materials that can provide your pet with a place to hide, relax and rest. It comes with a small sofa cushion, where a cat can take a nap.

The origami-style cat bed has ventilation holes to let air pass through so that your feline feels cool in the summer and allows heat to enter in winter.

Its origami-style design means you can pack it up anytime during the journey and then open it again. When folded, it is compact and light, so anyone can carry it with them, but at the same time, it can block direct sunlight. (Via)

Origami-style cat bed

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