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Smart Mobile Pocket Printer

 PoooliPrinter L1 smart mobile pocket printer can print up to 100 pictures on just one paper roll.

Smart Mobile Pocket Printer

Imagine that you can print your good memories directly from your phone without using expensive refills or expensive ink. PoooliPrinter L1 provides the experience of printing memories or notes directly from a smartphone and keeping them forever.

The inkless smart mobile pocket printer uses Japanese heating print head technology, which can reduce unnecessary printing costs.

PoooliPrinter L1 can print up to 100 pictures on a single roll and offers 24 hours of battery life. Users can choose more than 30 types of paper rolls. With the Poooli app, users can perform any kind of print job just with the touch of a finger.

The smart mobile pocket printer has a detachable beak that doubles as a magnet or cardholder, so you can easily display artwork or works on any surface you want.

Portable printers are simple and convenient ways to give your brand a physical presence on the go. Whether you’re looking for something compact enough to travel with, or powerful enough to help manage your business while you’re away from the office, finding the right portable printer is essential. (via)

Smart Mobile Pocket Printer

Smart Mobile Pocket Printer

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