SPLEASH Keeps your Dog Hydrated During Walks

SPLEASH can keep your pet hydrated anytime and anywhere, and provides maximum grip for your leash.

Spleash Hydrating Dog Leash

The SPLEASH is a multifunctional essential accessory that hydrates your pet during a long walk and allows you to walk with your dog with ease. The patent-pending leash handle is an all-in-one solution to make walking your pet easier and safer and does not require packing additional items for an outdoor adventure.

The design fits most standard size leather, rope, and nylon belts. SPLEASH has a 12 oz. water reservoir, a reversible water tray, and a 14-foot range spray function.  The spray not only allows pets to get water from the bowl but also prevents them from encountering other animals, cleans their paws, or cools them down in hot weather.

The retail price of the basic pet accessory is US$34.99 and is available in orange and cyan colors. Part of the sale of SPLEASH will be donated to organizations dealing with domestic abused dogs. (Via)

SPLEASH hydrating dog leash

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