Steampunk-Inspired Toggle Switch Plate

 Steampunk-style toggle switchboard evokes the spirit of the Victorian era.

Steampunk toggle switchboard

As we all know, when people try a new decoration style at home, they will draw inspiration from many different types of design styles. However, an unusual design style that most people don't know is the steampunk decoration style. If you want to add a steampunk look to your home, then this toggle switchboard may be your ideal choice.

This cool steampunk-style toggle switchboard allows you to decorate your house in the spirit of the Victorian era. It is a board attachment, which means that these mechanical light switches can convert any ordinary switch into an old-fashioned switch with a cool lever. The board is designed by Lance Nybye Jr. and is made of decorative plywood, brass metal seams, and laser engraved details. It should be no problem to install this switchboard. You don't need to replace the existing switch, just replace the switchboard. (Via)

Steampunk toggle switchboard

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