Smart Heated Mug

 The "HAVA MUG" is made of high-quality ceramic and is the ideal size for your cup holder. 

Ceramic-Made Smart Mug

Smart cups and mugs are usually associated with app connections and feature a series of additional functions. The "HAVA Mug" is quite different from the ones on the market. The heated mug's functions only focus on the essentials. This mug does not require an application, can be controlled directly from the bottom of the device. The mug is refined with high-quality ceramics, making it more like a traditional mug. The exterior is made of high-quality synthetic polymer, which keeps the exterior at a comfortable temperature. The mug has a capacity of 10 ounces and can be kept at your desired temperature for up to two hours without the need to go to the microwave to heat your drink. Simply swipe the bottom to easily operate the "HAVA Mug" and use it with the included charging coaster. 

The heated cup has its own rechargeable coaster and the bottom of the cup has an integrated lithium battery to help you keep your coffee or tea at the best temperature.

Early pledges are available for the smart heated mug on Kickstarter. If the HAVA campaign successfully fulfills its necessary commitments and production goes smoothly, it is planned to ship globally around 2021. (Via)

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