The Honda HR-X Delsol Combines retro and Modern Flavors

the Honda HR-X Delsol


Honda HR-X Delsol is the work of designer Alexis Poncelet and is an ideal car for the younger generation. This car is inspired by the boyish charm of the new Honda e Drag Racer. The 3-seater front row is based on the retro Honda FR-V and the CRX Delsol profile makes you jump to sit in the driver’s seat. The front part of the car is borrowed from Honda e, while the rear part uses a very special CRX Delsol shape.

Clever use of the rear space of the car is something to attract passionate young drivers. Honda HR-X Delsol has beer storage space and a dedicated RTX system to keep it cool even at high temperatures. This three-seater racing car is perfect for drivers who like to relax endlessly every day and wandering around the empty streets with friends. (via)

the Honda HR-X Delsol

the Honda HR-X Delsol

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