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Concentration Boosting Wearable EEG Equipment

 Crown is wearable equipment that helps to maintain focus and keeps you calm and cool.

Concentration Boosting Wearable EEG Equipment

Crown from Neurosity can measure not only the reason for triggering focus but also the factors that retain focus, thereby helping to maintain the focus of the brain. Eight EEG sensors are filled with Crown to track and quantify the individual’s brain waves to better understand the reason for maintaining focus and the cause of interference. When measuring brain waves, the Neurosity Shift app will connect to your Spotify premium account to play the most suitable music to track your brain activity. The Crown also automatically shields any potential interference that may cause you to lose attention, minimizing technical interference such as notifications or ringtones.

Crown will send you a detailed report explaining your most focused moment and your most distracted time, which will help to boost your concentration in the future.

Although EEG equipment has a reputation for its insufficient signal-to-noise ratio, Neurosity promises to use the most advanced technology to improve Crown’s quantifying rate. (Via)

Neurosity Crown

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