October 19, 2021

World’s Slimmest Lens Sleeves with Less Plastic

Ace&Tate’s new contact lens “Contacts” uses the world’s thinnest lens sleeves.

eco-friendly contact lense packaging


Ace&Tate, a Dutch eyewear brand, launched its own advanced hydrogel regular product called “Contacts,” which uses the world’s thinnest lens sleeves to improve sustainability and hygiene.

The thickness of the Contacts lens barrel is only 1 mm, which is eight times thinner than the standard packs, and the original plastic material used is 80% less. Recycled plastic packaging containers are made from old lens production molds and can be recycled after use.

The lens barrel incorporates Smart Touch technology for easier and more hygienic handling—a must in these Covid eras. Since the outer lens surface faces upwards after opening, there is no need to contact the inner lens surface, which helps to reduce bacterial contamination by three times.

Ace & Tate‘s Contacts are high-quality hydrogel dailies that use Smart Fit processing to naturally orient the lens and biomimetic material to retain moisture. For optimum convenience, the “Centraform” edge design guarantees minimum eyelid disruption.

As part of its latest eye care strategy, Ace&Tate has launched eye drops to replenish lenses. The eyewear brand is committed to make eye care an integral part of everyone’s everyday self-care routine, particularly because 60% of customers experience symptoms of digital eye fatigue.

Ace & Tate’s Contacts and Drops are both available for purchase online with a legitimate prescription that is no more than two years old. (Via)

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