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Smart FaceMask with Integrated Audio Engineering

 XUPERMASK combines face technology with integrated audio engineering.

Smart FaceMask with Integrated Audio Engineering

Masks have become an indispensable item today, just like shoes or jackets. Wearing a mask has become common-sense public safety to reduce the spread of infectious viruses. Wearing a mask is uncomfortable because it is hot and stuffy, the glasses fog up or the earpods get tangled.

will.i.am and Jose combined complex textile and hardware engineering and integrated audio design to create XUPERMASK. It is a smart mask designed in cooperation with Honeywell, which is an innovative software and technology provider with rich experience in smart wearable devices and personal protective equipment.

XUPERMASK is available in two universal sizes and it has an ergonomic internal silicone face seal for a comfortable fit.
The mask features an ActiveFan HEPA System for adjustable airflow control. The smart facemask has Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds to stream high-quality and ambient sound. A single charge can provide 7 hours of battery life, and if the battery is exhausted a voice prompt and indicator light remind you to charge. The mask is also equipped with a noise-canceling microphone, so when you speak, your voice will still be loud and clear.
XUPERMASK is not an FDA-approved product, nor is it suitable for use by children under the age of 16, but it has been approved by the FDA for EUA and can be used as source control for the general public and HCP in healthcare institutions to help prevent the spread of infection or disease during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Smart FaceMask with Integrated Audio Engineering

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