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Kids-Friendly Electric Bicycle Trailer

Biomega EIN is specially designed for an urban lifestyle to make daily life easier.

Biomega EIN Cycle Trailer

It is said that Biomega EIN (means one in German) is the world's first electric bicycle trailer specially designed to adapt to your urban lifestyle, making your daily life easier. EIN is a single-wheel electric detachable trailer with a stylish Scandinavian design and lightweight materials. This sleek hardshell capsule trailer is designed to meet your needs. The electric trailer can be easily connected to any bicycle. Biomega EIN has its own intelligent system, a rechargeable digital motor, which can detect the movement in the bicycle and respond with its own strength. When you ride a bicycle with this cargo, it is a lightweight riding experience.

The Biomega EIN cycle trailer is very slim, and you can pass a standard three-wheeled cargo bike on the bike lane. Biomega EIN's universal latch system allows you to connect this electric trailer to the bicycle, located under the saddle. You can install standard toddler seats or custom foam seats in this trailer.

To make the Biomega EIN visible, the trailer is equipped with two adjustable reflector badges and reflective tapes on the side. They help make the trailer visible in all directions. To protect the children sitting in the trailer, these legally approved seats ensure the safety of the children, and you do not need to worry about them releasing the seat belt. The enclosure is manufactured following strict industry standards and is both durable and visible.




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