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Covid-19 Detecting Smart Gadgets

 GE will develop tiny sensors for smart gadgets to detect COVID-19.

Covid-19 Detecting Smart Gadgets

Mobile devices can become tools for quickly identifying various pathogenic factors, including bacteria, toxins, and viruses. Smartphone-based tests have been developed to detect HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, and various food contaminants. Scientists are using smartphones to identify coronavirus particles on the surface as another line of defense against the pandemic.

Researchers at General Electric have received funding from the National Institutes of Health to develop miniature sensors that can be embedded in mobile phones to detect the presence of COVID-19 nanoparticles.

The research team will perfect its fingertip-sized sensor in the next two years, hoping to place it in a variety of devices from mobile phones to smartwatches to wall-mounted gadgets.

In the future, the frequency of COVID-19 testing may be higher, and real-time testing methods using mobile device sensing functions will play an important role. (Via)

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