1st Ever Signature Virtual Shoes

NBA veteran Wilson Chandler signed a deal with Cryptokickers to create the World's first virtual shoes.


The NFT-based fashion brand CryptoKickers designed "shoes for the new world" and signed the first completely virtual shoe deal with NBA veteran Wilson Chandler, thus creating Internet history. This is the first time a professional athlete has signed such an agreement, marking an important moment in the history of crypto.

Since its online launch in March, CryptoKickers has received immediate attention, selling more than 300 pairs of virtual shoes for more than 1.26 ETH (approx. $2,644.11). Prices in the secondary market are even higher, with a pair of Matcha Movers priced at 1.5 ETH (approx. $3,147.75). The brand is currently establishing retail stores in multiple virtual worlds, including CryptoVoxels and Sandbox, and is conducting further expansion deals.

An individually numbered virtual footwear will start at 0.021 ETH (approx. $44.07), and a pair of shoes with rare features will be more expensive. 11% of each transaction will be donated to Cool Earth, a rainforest conservation non-profit organization. Chandler is going to donate all proceeds to the Benton Harbor Community Development Corporation, a non-profit organization designed to help the social and economic development of his hometown of Benton Harbor, Michigan. The proceeds will buy sneakers for local young people and help attract speakers and educate the community about cryptocurrency, NFT, and blockchain technology.


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