August 1, 2021

Body Hair Embracing Role Models

 Estrid inspires women to embrace body hair and show them with confidence.

Estrid Super Hairoes


The Scandinavian vegan body care brand Estrid is known for embracing body hair and diversity, and the brand’s recent promotion also attracted three Super Hairoes.

Most women are unwilling to show off their body hair, and Estrid tries to change this situation by introducing role models. These role models (Super Hairoes) can talk about body positivity and body hair from their own perspectives. The job of Super Hairoes is to inspire others to feel comfortable with their furry feet, bushy toes, and fluffy pits. Even celebrities have always admired their body hair and are proud of their unshaved armpit hair. Influential people have unceremoniously published articles about their visible leg hair.

Estrid hopes to shed light on the body hair of women, and its goal is to change the ideal. The Scandinavian brand believes that women should show off their fluff comfortably and let confident women around the world show off their fluff. (via)

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