August 4, 2021

Genetically Engineered Muscular Fish (Updated)

The genetically engineered trout have six-pack abs.

muscular trout



Scientists at the University of Rhodes Island have developed transgenic rainbow trout with enhanced muscle growth that could boost the commercial aquaculture industry. 


It took 500 hours to inject 20,000 rainbow trout eggs, which have various DNAs designed to inhibit myostatin. Among the hatched eggs, 300 carry genes that lead to increased muscle growth. Two years later, even if the fish lacked standard abdominal muscles, most of them showed the effect of “six-pack abs”. Their entire musculature has also increased, including the meaty back hump, which makes them look like shoulder muscles.
Subsequently, the first generation of transgenic trout was produced, and offspring that carried the gene in all muscle cells were produced. Research is currently underway to determine whether the fish also grow at a faster rate.
A scientist believes that the results can also compare the growth mechanism of muscles in mammals and fish, and can reveal muscle wasting diseases in humans. (Via: Fish with six-pack abs)
Image credit: Freepik

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