Tiny Handheld Gaming Console

 FunyKey is a user-friendly multi-emulator handheld gaming console.

keychain game console

If you just wanna kill a few minutes playing games while you are traveling and give yourself a good break for retrogaming, FunKey S Keychain Game Console can be your perfect companion. Due to its compactness, you can always connect the powerful handheld console to the keychain.

When folded, the size of FunKey S is only 1.67 x 1.75 x 0.5 inches, so it is a small handheld game console that can fit in your pocket. After opening, it will display a 1.54-inch IPS display panel with 240 x 240 resolution and 50Hz refresh rate, as well as a 0.5-watt speaker and a set of controls, including the D-pad on the left and four operation buttons on the right. The console also features a pair of shoulder buttons at the corner. A 1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A7 system on a chip, 64MB DDR2 RAM, and a storage slot for storing up to 128GB SD cards are placed under the casing. It also has a sensor that lets you know when to open or close the console. When the flip is opened, it will automatically open; when it is closed, it will turn off the power.

There are no pre-installed games, but it runs on FunKey-OS, which is optimized for the sole purpose of emulating games on the console's hardware. FunKey S can be booted within 5 seconds, so you can immediately enter the game where you left off, allowing you to make progress in each game. The user does not have to manually save the progress, because the console automatically saves the game, regardless of whether the session ended due to a sudden closure of the flip for some reason or the battery is exhausted.

More than 10 different game consoles can be played on FunKey S, and the list is constantly increasing. Users can play Playstation 1, GameGear, NES, SuperNES, Gameboy (Classic, Color, and Advanced), Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, Atari, Neo Geo Pocket, and Wonderswan. 

FunKey-OS is open-source which means it lets gamers run the emulator of their choice to really focus on customization. (Via)

keychain game console

keychain game console

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