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One-Of-Its-Kind Indoor Fountain

HaloFalls indoor fountain aims to bring the symphony of nature and deliver natural healing of sound.

mini indoor waterfall

When people think of fountains, they may think of peaceful, majestic outdoor or indoor fountains in gardens, courtyards, and tabletop fountains. The calm sound of indoor fountain dripping can create a relaxing atmosphere in any room. It also purifies the air, helps to think clearly and focus better. Indoor fountains can also be used as humidifiers, which are good for your indoor plants and make them look healthy and full of vitality. The soft sound of running water may be a contemplative experience, which makes people feel happier, healthier, and calmer. The sight and sound of water alone can induce a large number of neurochemicals, thereby promoting health and increasing blood flow to the brain.

If you are looking for indoor fountain ideas HaloFalls can be your ideal choice because it is easy to implement regardless of your style.

HaloFalls is a unique indoor fountain that can reproduce the natural healing sound in a beautiful package and the indoor fountain has been carefully designed to create the healing sound of water next to you.

The compact size makes HaloFalls an ideal choice for any place, whether it is a spacious living room, a comfortable bedside table, or an office that just needs extra quiet.

The beautifully designed lampshade makes the maintenance cost extremely low. It can be easily disassembled for cleaning with a simple cleaning solution and does not require any special tools.

The one-of-its-kind indoor water fountain is powered by a submersible pump, which runs very quietly. This means that everything will be heard clearly, whether it is the soft sound of the waterfall or the music from the speakers.

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The indoor waterfall is carefully designed so that the water flows directly from one layer to the next without overflowing and the outer cone-shaped drum lampshade can prevent water droplets from splashing outside.

HaloFalls has two preset lighting modes: CoolWhite and Warm White, creating a flexible environment to suit your mood.

The indoor fountain's case is made of thermostable and harmless silicon material which makes it heat resistant and increases durability. The shadow has a unique gradient from top to bottom, reducing eye strain.

The multi-layer circular LED lighting is ingeniously designed to maximize the light output and provide a unique design aesthetic. HaloFalls is flicker-free, glare-free, UV-free, and its evenly distributed 360-degree lighting can protect your eyes from fatigue, dry eyes, or any form of fatigue. This makes it very suitable for living room, desk, or study lamp, protecting your eyes from all angles.

Halo has a built-in LED fixture, which is not only durable but also consumes little power.

The clear sound quality design of HaloFalls speakers can deliver excellent sound quality in any environment with two powerful 5W speakers, an ultra-wide range of full-range drivers, and a 360-degree grille.

The efficient Bluetooth pairing function can help you wirelessly connect to your favorite playlists, audiobooks, Spotify, etc. on any digital device 30 feet away.

To prevent accidental overflow of speakers, high-quality waterproof and sound-proof fabrics have been used. The speaker grille is stretched and locked in place to achieve a clear, smooth, and high tension surface effect.

A team of passionate, professional industrial engineers and designers from the award-winning product design company Invent Group helped to design and make HaloFalls come to life. (Via)

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