July 26, 2021

Kitchen Herb Garden

 The smart gardening system is perfect for your kitchen.

conceptual home garden

One advantage of indoor gardening is that you can use less or more space as needed. Many plants can be grown on the windowsill, including herbs and tomatoes. You can use tables, shelves, or certain areas of the floor.  Most garden plants can be grown indoors, but the only drawback is that they can attract insects or bugs. It is impossible not to leave herbs outside the window because they cannot withstand harsh weather and can be eaten by birds.

Igor Abakomov has designed Home Garden to solve all the small hassles of indoor gardening. The design enables you to use new green plants 365 days a year without taking up any counter room or creating a mess. The system works by being directly integrated into the kitchen counter and will slide out to show ample area for growing vegetables. This beautiful design is basically a herbal drawer built into the kitchen with an integrated intelligent system that can monitor the humidity and temperature of plants as well as their freshness and usage status.

Designer Igor Abakumov drew inspiration from his own life experience, and his “Home Garden” is one of the entries for the 2021 James Dyson Award. (Via)

conceptual home garden
conceptual home garden





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