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Dancing Doll Official Party

Lol Suprise is bringing a kid-safe digital doll dancing game on Roblox.

LOL Surprise

The kid-safe digital game “LOL Surprise Official Party” is now available on Roblox. It is the first to bring global, well-known, and popular game influencers into the world of dolls to play directly with fans.

Fans can enjoy a free game experience that includes multiple features, including interactive doll characters, allowing players to mix and match LOL Surprise clothing and accessories, fun dance performances, challenges with unlockable rewards, and more. The game also aims to allow parents to participate in their kid’s games and create an interesting digital experience for the whole family.

The LOL Surprise event provides children with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play games online with popular creators on secure and moderated servers. The event also enables fans to provide feedback and have the opportunity to express their opinions and ideas. (Via)


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