October 19, 2021

NIX Miniature Washing Machine

 NIX washing machine is perfect for cleaning undergarments and socks.

miniature washing machine


Washing machines come in various shapes and sizes, so it is very important to choose a washing machine that perfectly suits your family’s needs.

If the washing machine you choose is too small for your family, you will waste time and energy in multiple cycles. However, if you choose an oversized washing machine, you will suffer losses due to the increased operating costs of unused electricity and water.

Due to the large-scale design, the laundry equipment usually needs to be placed in a certain fixed space, so EZVALO designed the “NIX” miniature washing machine to completely change the perception.

The washing machine has a compact design and can be easily integrated into almost all rooms of the house due to its small size. The mini-washing machine is specially designed to clean, dry, and disinfect underwear and socks. The advantage is that less water is used in the process. The mini-washing machine has an inclined drum, which can save water, and make it easier for users to load and unload clothes. Besides, NIX comes with an integrated water tank, allowing users to place the mini-washing machine wherever they want without the trouble of connecting hoses or electrical appliances to the wall outlet.

NIX has a vertical lifting door and features a digital display, allowing users to use haptic sensors to indicate which cycle they want NIX to perform.

NIX miniature washing machine is shortlisted for the 2021’s iF Design Award. (Via)

miniature washing machine
miniature washing machine



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