July 29, 2021

Trouble-Free Pet Waste Handy Solution

PooPail, the world’s first two-in-one system for scooping and storing pet waste.

poopail, trouble-free pet waste cleaning solution


It’s not the most exciting thing to pick up after your dog. It may be easy to skip, but not only is it bad for the climate and health, actually, but it’s also illegal in many areas. There are many reasons why leaving dog waste is bad for your health and the environment. According to Pethelpful, dog feces are toxic to your grass and contain bacteria.

To solve this problem, Poopail is introducing the world’s best 2-in-1 trouble-free pet waste cleaning solution. PooPail is designed in a way to make the process easier and more labor-saving. The bucket has the regular size and is equipped with a long handle, which makes it easier to carry and makes your work easier. The included scooper can be used to easily dump waste into a container for disposal.

Poopail also comes with large biodegradable bags that can be easily attached to the bucket and can store pet waste for up to one week at a time. The bag style has been certified by TÜV AUSTRIA, which is an authorized organization that has obtained European bioplastic certification. (Via)

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poopail, trouble-free pet waste cleaning solution



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