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Garments Enabling Connected Care

Skiin's connected clothing can help people take care of their loved ones, no matter where they are.

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The Baseline collection by Skiin is designed to find better ways to connect elderly parents with families willing to take care of them. Although many wearable devices can capture biometric data, it may be difficult for seniors to implement these applications. To address the issue, a solution that excels at integrating sensing into everyday clothing is developed that allows Skiin to track the loved ones' physical condition and well-being without constantly interacting with technology, offering the family a sense of relief.

The Baseline collection includes a range of garments woven with premium materials (e.g. bamboo) and unique conductive yarn. The collection includes men's and women's underwear in various styles.

By using the "Skin Connected Life" app, you can check heart rate, activity, duration, and the number of steps, as well as receive notifications about the places your loved ones have visited.

The Open Beta release is the first time that the public is invited to buy and try the product at a discounted price of $99.


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