Tattooed Marble Statues Exhibition

 Italian artist Fabio Viale exhibited tattooed marble statues in Pietrasanta, Tuscany.

Tattooed Marble Statues Exhibition

In the square of the Duomo in Pietrasanta, Tuscany, ancient marble statues were tattooed by Italian artist Fabio Viale as a part of the Truly exhibition curated by Enrico Mattei.

Viale not only hand-painted the surface of the marble sculpture but also used ink that infiltrates the pores of the stone so that the color permeates the entire stone.

Viale's purpose of tattooing on marble is to create a dual-identity sculpture. According to him tattooing an ancient masterpiece means giving a second life and a new collective image in a contemporary way.

Viale's interest in tattoos began when he met a Russian tattoo artist whose hands were covered in "odd" symbols. Viale is fascinated with tattoos that deal with death and life and use ancient semiotics. (Via)

Tattooed Marble Statues Exhibition

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