July 29, 2021

Vintage-Inspired Racing Two-Wheel E-Bike

“Elettracker” is a modernized version of the vintage two-wheel

transportation solution for riders to enjoy.


GDesign Elettracker electric racing bike 2

To commemorate the golden age of two-wheeled motorcycle racing, GDesign, an Italian custom motorcycle manufacturer has brought a modernized version of the classic two-wheel transportation solutions of the past.

The ‘Elettracker draws design inspiration from the model used for racing in the early 1900s, but it is equipped with an electric motor that allows the rider to go around in an emission manner.

The bike injects a retro feel into modern aesthetics in the form of a pack of batteries, and its shape is similar to the air-cooled V-Twin engine on the track racing at that time. The racer received a nostalgic license plate, a tank sandwiched between the double top tubes of the bicycle frame and a tractor-like support seat decorated with brown leather. Elettracker also got bronze inverted bar-end levers with hand-wrapped leather grips.

The “Elettracker” all-electric vintage-inspired e-bike is completed by faux-painted race livery by Lake Design’s Arinna Crippa making the classic design more rustic.

In a sense, this custom two-wheeled racing bike can travel through an era when any race on wheels was pure magic for racers or fans.


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