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Driverless Pizza Delivery Vehicles

The Nuro R2 autonomous pizza delivery robot will deliver pizzas to consumers' doors in Houston.

Driverless Pizza Delivery Vehicles

As part of a pilot program, Domino’s Pizza will begin serving pizza in Houston via a driverless car this week. Only "select" Houston customers who prepaid the delivery fee from the Houston Woodland Heights store on a specific date and time can get their pizzas delivered by the Nuro R2 robot. The customer receives a unique PIN through a text alert, as well as an update of the vehicle's location. When the self-driving car arrives, the customer enters the PIN on its touch screen, thereby opening the door of R2 to retrieve pizza.

Dominos announced the driverless pizza delivery project in 2019, which could help stores to process a large number of orders and deliver pizzas on time.

Nuro's R2 is the first driverless car to receive regulatory approval from the U.S. Department of Transportation. It also has a special exemption from federal safety requirements.

Nuro driverless vehicles have been used for grocery deliveries and also used to transport medical supplies near two California stadiums that were converted into treatment facilities for COVID-19 patients. (Via)

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