Eco-Friendly Limited-Edition Beer

Torched Earth Ale uses ingredients that brewers can use and afford in a climate-affected future.

beer for climate ravaged world

As a part of the "Earth Day" campaign Fat Earth's latest limited-edition beer, Torched Earth Ale is made of ingredients that would be available and affordable to brewers in a climate-ravaged future without the need to take active actions to deal with the climate crisis.

The beer starts with smoking malt to simulate a water source affected by wildfires. Torched Earth Ale does not use grains such as barley and wheat because these grains will be more difficult to produce, and the harvest for several years will be low or no harvest due to lack of water and high temperatures. Instead, more exciting alternatives such as drought-tolerant millet and buckwheat have replaced them.

Fat Tire commissioned Torched Earth’s doomsday label artwork from Los Angeles artist, first-generation Moroccan immigrant Kelly Malka, who has personally experienced the devastating direct effects of climate change in her community, including increased wildfires and air pollution. For inspiration, Malka borrowed from the neo-futuristic world in popular movies and TV and depicted the iconic Fat Tire bicycle in the uninhabitable world around the flame swirl.

In 2020 New Belgium Brewing's flagship beer Fat Tire became the first certified carbon neutral beer in the United States. Also, New Belgium unveiled a proposal to reach net-zero emissions for the whole organization by 2030.

Also, Fat Tire launched an ongoing campaign asking beer drinkers to make a "Last call for climate" by requiring their favorite brands to adopt the 2030 climate plan and a seamless online tool has been created that allows users to see which Fortune 500 companies have made plans.

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To help other beer companies achieve zero emissions, New Belgium will also release a detailed blueprint as a model for the beer industry to help any beer producer measure its carbon footprint and take steps to achieve carbon neutrality. Extensive research and analysis clearly show that climate solutions investment is an important part of future business success.

eco-friendly beer

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