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Wearable Tents for Personal Use

WalkingPod Mesh wearable tent is an ideal item in the COVID pandemic.

wearable tent

With the advent of spring, all kinds of bugs appear again and Under the Weather provides a novel solution in its new product: WalkingPod Mesh, which is a personal wearable tent. A limited-edition wearable tent can protect against annoying insects and also protects against the sun.

The interior of the tent is equipped with a zipper, a fine insect net, an adjustable back, and waist belt, and a tightened bottom to ensure maximum protection from insects and bugs. The arm flaps and front zipper allow the user to interact with external objects while maintaining the maximum protection possible.

When not in use, the WalkingPod grid can be conveniently packed into a neat package within a few seconds. Personal wearable tents are a versatile product, currently available in two colors: safety yellow and dark gray.

Under the Weather was established in 2010 and is committed to creating easy-to-use high-quality Pods that reliably protect you from bugs, rain, or shine.

wearable tent

wearable tent

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