July 26, 2021

Customizable Eco-Friendly E-Bike

 Xion Cyber​​X allows riders to customize the E-Bike for a unique look.

customizable e-bike

Xion Cyber​​X is a cool eBike, equipped with attractive LED lighting and customizable laser-printed side panels, and more. It provides you with everything you want in an electric bike. No other eBike on the market allows you to customize the frame color, seat color, and side panels to get a unique appearance and futuristic look. Riders can write any name or put any pattern on the laser-printed acrylic side panels of the bike.

Cyber​​X has some coolest features that make it a very unique two-wheeler. It is made of the most durable materials for maximum utilization and zero maintenance. It has the most efficient brakes and motors, as well as highly visible lights. CyberX’s incredible range is due to a powerful 72V battery and an efficient 750-watt mid-drive motor.

The electric motorbike‘s belt drive helps to achieve reliability, stability, and zero maintenance. Cyber X employs a 750W extreme mid-drive motor to improve performance, minimize maintenance, and improve handling.

Unlike other electric bikes, CyberX has seating space and power for two people for a comfortable ride. The customizable E-Bike uses a bulky 72-volt 32ah lithium-ion battery that can be charged within 6 hours with the included 5-amp charger. The removable battery is located under the seat with side ports for charging. Plug the charger into a 110-120v wall outlet, and depending on the mode you use, it will power your bike for extra 50-100 miles.

The Cyber​​X frame is made of steel and 4130 Chromoly steel because it is the absolute hardest material and can withstand the toughest driving. Besides, it has a powder coating to resist weather and corrosion.

Cyber​​X is equipped with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for easy listening and make your ride enjoyable.

The E-Bike is a perfect alternative to a dirt bike and perfect for novice riders. Cyber​​X does not require a license because it has a limit of 28 miles per hour in street mode.

Cyber​​X is not the final product, but based on product development and financial challenges, it is expected to start production in May 2021. The customizable E-Bike project is available on Indiegogo.

customizable e-bike
customizable e-bike




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