Nordic Pole Walking Wearable Device

"ARMWALKER" is an alternative to Nordic Walking.

wearable nordic walking device

"Nordic walking" or fitness walking with specially designed poles is one of the fastest-growing fitness trends globally. It has a beneficial effect on the resting heart rate, blood pressure, exercise capacity, and maximum oxygen consumption. If done correctly, it can burn calories and helps you stay fit.

Choosing the right pole is also very important to get health benefits. ARMWALKER is a wearable device that allows you to try Nordic polar walking exercises to strengthen your body. The wearable device works by positioning on the shoulders and provide the wearer with a series of pulleys that can be held comfortably in the hand. Pulling them during walking mimics the experience of using a Nordic walking stick, which activates more muscles in the body and promotes better circulation.

Nordic Pole Walking has many shortcomings in terms of usability. ARMWALKER can be used anytime, anywhere. It is the best partner for aerobic exercise equipment such as treadmills, steppers, elliptical machines, arc training machines, etc.

"ARMWALKER" wearable device helps walkers of all ages enjoy enhanced upper body exercise capabilities, thereby reducing pain over time.

wearable arm workout device



"ARMWALKER" is an alternative to Nordic Walking



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