Modular Bike Storage Solution

The Bike Box is a customizable and multifunctional storage unit suitable for limited apartment spaces.


Bike Box is a modular bicycle storage solution, suitable for apartments with limited space, very suitable for cyclists living in the city. Bike Box is designed by the designers of lifestyle brand Riders Gonna Ride and can be customized to fit mountain bikes to meet the needs of city bikes.

The bike box is modular in design and made of black CDF and beech wood to ensure a multi-functional and durable storage unit. The frame of the bike box is made of CDF or compact density fiberboard, similar to a locker in a professional locker room. The CDF high compressibility material is usually chosen because of its waterproof and long-lasting properties. If appropriate, the owner can customize the shelving unit and storage space using a wooden peg and socket system.

Riders Gonna Ride currently offers five different storage units, each of which has a different size and storage capacity. The bike holder can be installed on the Bike Box itself or used as a wall mount to keep the bike box open to store additional bike accessories (such as helmets, sports equipment, and suitcases) on the shelf for modular setup of the bike. (Via)


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