Mini Vacuum Beer Cooler

The Brewmboni is the first of its kind robot vacuum-turned beer cooler.

Drink-Cooling Novelty Vacuums

Brewmboni is the first mini robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning the floor and carrying and delivering cold beer cans. The hybrid vacuum has a sleek aerodynamic design and can accommodate four Canadian Molson tallboys. The mini robot vacuum cleaner is described as the perfect match-time companion, especially because it is powered by a quiet electric motor.

Although Molson Brewmboni is currently in the prototype stage and is currently not available for purchase, Canadians can visit the brand's website to learn more about this unique Canadian home staple and join the waiting list.

At the same time, enthusiastic hockey enthusiasts can use the brand's computer-aided design files to build their own Brewmoni.

The Molson Brewery was established in 1786 and continues to brew in Canada today, with more than 2,000 Canadian employees in 5 breweries. (Via)

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