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Artificial Intelligence Cooking Assistant

Cooksy is the best cooking assistant and smart kitchen partner for making delicious meals.

AI cooking assistant

Cooksy is a brand new cooking assistant that can guide you to make the perfect food every time. When you follow the Cooksy recipe, you will get step-by-step navigation and video instructions. You don't need to track the entire recipe.

Cooksy is a small device that mounts above the cooktop. Using vision and thermal sensors, Cooksy streams your cooking process to your phone or tablet, measures thousands of temperatures on the entire pan surface per second, and tracks the cooking time of the ingredients. Cooksy lets you know if your pan is too hot or too cold, so your food is cooked perfectly every time. Cooksy allows you to perform multiple tasks while cooking food and notify you when your attention is needed.

If you like to make cooking videos, Cooksy allows you to easily create video recipes. Cooksy tracks the time to add and remove ingredients and measures the heat and captures the techniques and details of how to make dishes through video. With Cooksy you can save, share and re-create dishes that contain all the details. Cooksy's smart editing function will automatically condense your recipes into a short, shareable video, highlighting all the steps.

Cooksy is available for pre-order and it is paired with an app available via Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The Cooksy app lets you share your recipes once they are complete. (Via)

AI cooking assistant


AI cooking assistant

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