Retro Gaming Console

The Evercade VS gaming console has over 260 retro cartridge games.

retro gaming console

Evercade’s latest game console brings a complete nostalgic experience to mini game consoles. Evercade VS is a new home game console that can play the Evercade family's existing catalog of more than 260 licensed classic games on cartridges. VS can actually play two cassettes at once, and because the game is bundled in Evercade's cassette, users can load up to 40 games at a time and prepare to use them on the device.

The retro game console has a powerful quad-core 1.5 GHz processor, 1080p full HD output, and a WiFi connection for getting updates. Evercade VS has four USB-A controller ports and can be used with any USB controller, and can even be used with a wireless USB controller by using a dongle. It also includes two of its own retro controllers with a precise D-Pad, four operation buttons, and four shoulder buttons.

Evercade VS can be pre-ordered now for approximately US$125.

retro gaming console

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